Welcome, Dell Robinson! Our Most Recent Athletics Practice Hire

Spelman Johnson is pleased to welcome Mr. Dell Robinson to our athletics practice team. Meghan Godorov, a Spelman Johnson strategic partner, recently had the pleasure of interviewing this impressively passionate and experienced professional in the industry. Below is a snapshot of his background, intended contributions to the Spelman Johnson team, and lessons on leadership in Continue reading >

We Don’t Take Summer Off

Guest Blogger: Diane Brittingham, Associate Director, Housing and Food Services & Director of Residence Life, University of Oklahoma You’re off in the summer, aren’t you? That is always my favorite question when I tell people, even those on my own campus, where I work. I am a senior housing officer at a public research institution. Continue reading >


Fishbowls, Rabbit Holes and Lunch: The Many Ways Students Learn

Guest Blogger: Jane Fried, Ph.D. “Everybody else walked to school, but you carried your lunch.” My father used to say that to my mom when he wanted a laugh, but we never really figured out why it was funny. Finally I began to see…walking to school and lunch carrying were two different activities that were Continue reading >