A Round up of our Favorite Articles on Professional Etiquette

Professional etiquette is important on the job as well as during the job search process.  Here we round up some useful articles on practicing professional etiquette as a higher education professional.

An insightful article on online behavior and etiquette among higher education professionals.

15 time-tested business etiquette rules that everyone should follow.

Some great tips for how candidates can thoughtfully prepare for a successful interview with a search committee.

This article covers how search committee members can ensure a thoughtful and considerate search process for candidates.

Key considerations from the queen of etiquette, on proper email manners and how to write a professional quality email.

A wonderfully insightful piece on how to practice effective email etiquette, as a higher education professional.

Consider these 4 questions to ensure you’re being polite when using your smart device.

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Valerie Szymkowicz

Vice President - Spelman Johnson

Valerie Szymkowicz received her BA in natural science/environmental studies from New England College and her MEd in student personnel from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Vermont. For over 20 years, she worked in higher education at both public and private research, baccalaureate, and liberal arts institutions, principally in the areas of academic advising, experiential education, and career services. With a strong belief in cultivating leadership potential among talented rising stars, Valerie has been a guest presenter at the NASPA Region I Mid-Managers Institute facilitating discussion on professional development priorities and she regularly presents on topics related to building capacity and leadership potential for other professional organizations including the National Association of Colleges and Employers and the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers.