At The Cabinet Level: Student Affairs


As a senior/cabinet level officer of your institution, the expectation from your president and your board is that while representing your particular division, you are also able to effectively contribute in all other institutional areas, as well as articulate the challenges and goals facing your institution and the larger academic market.

Below is a broad overview of important institutional metrics in Student Affairs.  As a senior/cabinet level officer, it is key to be familiar with:

  • Total number of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Number of students by geographic area, by gender, by ethnicity
  • Total number of student organizations
  • Total number of students who live on campus
  • Number of students on the meal plan
  • Retention numbers—top two or three reasons that students do not persist
  • Top two or three employers of your graduates both undergraduate and graduate students
  • Top athletic teams for your institution and their records
  • The most prominent mental health/health related issues of your students
  • Number of student conduct cases processed in a year and the number of students expelled

“At The Cabinet Level: Student Affairs” is the fifth installment of SJG’s Tips Series, a periodic blog series offering tips on higher education executive search, leadership, and career development.  Each series will address a particular topic or area of higher ed.  To follow the “At The Cabinet Level” series on Twitter, use the hashtag #SJG_Cabinet_Tips.

Julie Smith