Notes from an Unapologetic “Work is (or can be) Life” Advocate

Written By: Heather Benning, Executive Director of the Midwest Conference (MWC) As I approach the four-year mark as the Executive Director of the Midwest Conference, I occasionally find myself considering: what is next? I don’t feel pressure nor am I propelled into contemplation out of a sense that I need to “move on.” Rather, I Continue reading >

Exit Strategy – Part I

Working full-time while balancing a job search—even a very selective job search—is a big and often complicated endeavor. Many times, you barely have time to reflect on the blistering pace set of final interviews before you receive a call extending a job offer. Make no mistake, getting a job offer is terrific and what you’ve Continue reading >

Free Webinar: Love the Resume You’re With

Free Webinar Titled “Love the Resume You’re With” Provided by Meghan Godorov of Meghan Godorov Consulting, LCC and Spelman Johnson Post written by Meghan Godorov From the classic 1970s hit by Stephen Stills, a snippet of the lyrics from this song titled above capture perfectly how I, and most other professionals, feel about their resumes Continue reading >