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  • has questions about how Spelman Johnson will partner with your institution through the search process

  • are considering using a search firm for a leadership search

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Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern time

Phone:  413-529-2895

Ellen T. Heffernan, President  Eastern time

Mark A. Hall, Vice President   Direct: 803-708-0038 Eastern time

Valerie B. Szymkowicz, Vice President  Direct: 802-897-2857 Eastern time

Kendra E. Dane, Search Associate   Direct: 651-340-2659 Central time

Heather J. Larabee, Search Associate   Direct: 850-226-8127 Central time

James M. Norfleet, Search Associate  Direct: 215-474-1220 Eastern time

Dell Robinson, Search Associate – Athletic Practice  Direct: 413-529-2895 Eastern time

Quincy Martin III, Search Associate Direct: 708-831-2637 Central time

J. Scott Derrick, Search Associate Direct: 205-506-6139 Central time

Anne-Marie Kenney, Senior Coordinator of Search Services Direct: 617-607-5148 Eastern time

Michel Frendian, Search Associate Direct: 773-645-9505 Central time

Laura Puckett-Boler, Search Associate Direct: 864-453-1997 Eastern time


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