Counseling and Health Services

In 2021, the National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that one in five U.S. adults experienced mental illness. The American College Health Association’s national assessment in 2019 showed an increasing amount of college students experiencing depression, anxiety and suicidality. Clearly, society’s mental health and personal wellbeing are being continually stretched as we navigate our daily lives. Now, possibly more than ever, counseling, health services, and wellness initiatives are instrumental in helping individuals mitigate the increasing daily pressures that have become ingrained in our lives.

It is imperative that educational institutions at all levels have the adequate staff and resources necessary to successfully work with the entire community–students, faculty and staff. Spelman Johnson has been partnering with a wide range of institutions to identify and recruit key staff to lead counseling, health services, and wellness/well-being programs. Having conducted nearly 100 searches in this arena our deep network and expertise with these types of searches yields exemplary results. We serve as a true partner with our client institution, working to understand our client’s unique needs and culture while determining the attributes and experiences needed for success. Spelman Johnson is your executive search firm for these crucial positions.