Is a Search Firm Right for You?


  • How important is the position to the organization?
  • How quickly must the position be filled?
  • Do you have the resources to run the search internally?
  • Do you have staff experienced in running searches in this area?
  • Do staff have firsthand, professional knowledge of the field in which you are searching?
  • Is confidentiality particularly critical?
  • Is the fair and objective handling of the candidates critical?
  • Are you confident you can tap into national and professional networks and find the best person for the position?
  • Are the position description, salary, and responsibilities current in terms of the market?
  • Can you ensure a sufficiently deep and diverse pool of legitimate candidates for the position?

How you can benefit from using a search firm:

  • Consider both direct and indirect costs of conducting a staff-managed search, from replying to inquiries to recruiting potential candidates. These tasks take your staff away from their regular responsibilities.
  • A professional search firm knows how to find exceptional candidates regardless of market conditions or competitiveness of the profession.
  • Professional search firms have firsthand knowledge of the field.
  • Going outside your organization for search expertise brings objectivity to the process and encourages a wide range of candidates, who might not otherwise apply, to engage in the process. This may combat a misperception that the outcome of a search is predetermined.