Non-Profit Organizations

Our work with non-profit/social impact organizations

Social impact and mission driven non-profit organizations are an important part of our social fabric and crucial to the individuals and communities they serve. Whether they provide direct services, advocate on behalf of their constituency, or raise funds and awareness in support of their core purpose, social impact organizations are the voice of the people and communities they support–they speak to the heart of the challenges faced and offer a path forward. They also need exceptionally experienced individuals who will champion their mission and possess the leadership skills necessary to operate a complex organization in a complex environment. And that is where we can help.

At Spelman Johnson we are committed to the social impact organizations that we serve, which translates into an ability to understand the specific and individual needs and aspirations of our clients. For 30 years, our executive search professionals have assisted a wide array of mission driven non-profits in identifying experienced and dedicated professionals, each individually matched to the needs and mission of the organization. We take a thoughtful and personal approach to understanding your strategic goals and then reach out to our extensive national network of professionals to identify candidates whose aptitudes and experiences match your needs. With a history of successful searches, a long-standing commitment to developing and expanding the professional pipeline of women and persons of color, and a uniquely experienced search consultant, Spelman Johnson is your best choice for an executive search partner.