Our Search Process

Spelman Johnson has created a proprietary process for how we execute searches, but our systems and processes are also flexible. We adapt to a client’s level of desired engagement in the search process.

Our Steps for a Successful Search

  • Create a customized service contract to identify our role in your search.
  • Visit you on site to gain perspective on your organization and the position, including its mission, philosophy, organizational structure, and management style.
  • Establish a search schedule to keep the process on track.
  • Personally recruit to attract as many qualified and diverse candidates as possible. Job announcements are posted in publications such as The Chronicle of Higher Education and on other appropriate professional websites, as well as email and listservs.
  • Acknowledge receipt of all applications, review all applications, and recommend top candidates to your search committee.
  • Conduct a thorough review of top candidates. Speak with their references, confer with other sources, and perform formal background checks.
  • Present an analysis of top candidates based on preliminary interviews and assessment of candidates’ application portfolios.
  • Facilitate on-site interviews for finalists. Spelman Johnson collaborates closely with campus stakeholders to enable effective on-site interviews.
  • Expedite a favorable match. Compensation packages play a key role in successful hires. Spelman Johnson assists you with structuring a competitive compensation package, while leaving the final negotiation in your hands.
  • Notify all applicants that the search is closed. We feel it’s important to put closure on the process for all candidates.
  • At various intervals after the search is complete, we reach out to the hired candidate and key contact(s) on campus to offer post-placement support.