Independent Schools

Our work with Independent Schools

The national landscape for independent, private, boarding, and charter schools is changing faster than ever, and so are expectations for the next generation of leaders in the sector. Heads of school, enrollment leaders, financial officers, athletic directors, and other senior administrators must bring an elevated set of skills and professional competencies that can align the mission of each school with innovative and promising practices that will ensure the institution’s academic, administrative, and financial viability. Senior administrators in secondary schools must also provide clear leadership on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion for the entire community. And this is where Spelman Johnson can help.

For 30 years, we have assisted a wide variety of educational institutions in identifying innovative and committed educators, each individually matched to the specific mission and history of the client organization. We take a thoughtful and personal approach to understanding your strategic goals and then reach out to our extensive network of professionals to identify candidates whose aptitudes and experiences match your needs and align with your mission. With a history of successful searches, a long-standing commitment to developing and expanding the professional pipeline of women and persons of color, and a uniquely experienced search consultant, Spelman Johnson is your best choice for an executive search partner.

Positions for which we have conducted searches at independent schools:

  • Director of Athletics and Physical Education

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Director of Campus Safety and Security

  • Director of Financial Aid

  • Director of Student Wellbeing

  • Director of Community, Equity and Diversity