The Position


Reporting to the vice president for operations and technology, the associate vice president (AVP) for facilities management supports the College’s mission, vision, and strategic plan and is responsible for providing a safe, well-maintained, sustainable campus. The AVP is responsible for directing the budget, physical plant, staffing, and management of the College’s campus facilities and major campus capital projects, design and construction, environmental health and safety, accessibility, and sustainability. The AVP will work collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to build strong partnerships and understand and support customers’ needs for sustainable, accessible, responsive, and effective programs in operations.

Primary role functions include small- and large-scale capital projects; State grant capital funding and reporting; facilities maintenance; campus master planning; Space Management Buildings & Grounds Trustee Committee support; building services/housekeeping; sustainability aspects for the physical plant; and environmental health and safety/ risk management. The AVP oversees a $3M operational budget and a $6M capital budget and co-leads capital planning and expenditures across the institution. AVP has five direct reports, including the director of environmental health and safety, director of facilities operations, manager of construction services, manager of space planning and renovation services, and an office manager.

Position responsibilities include:

  • Manage the planning and coordination of major new construction or renovation to campus buildings, facilities, landscapes, and other campus expansions and improvements, including the renovation and remodeling of existing structures designated historic buildings; oversee campus construction standards; approve post-occupancy evaluations of facility performance; oversee facility condition index reports and plans; collaborate on deferred maintenance programming and other construction-related issues.
  • Conduct and coordinate planning activities related to the physical development of College properties, including administering and maintaining the master campus plan; oversee compliance with local, state, federal, and College policies relating to land use, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), historic preservation, sustainability, etc.
  • Maintain a space inventory; advise the College’s administration concerning physical development matters, space assignment, and allocation; and analyze and research space issues and assignments related to classroom utilization, Facilities and Administrative cost recovery rates, institutional comparisons, etc.
  • Develop and manage the long-term capital projects plan.
  • Develop and manage the facilities’ condition assessment.
  • Responsible for both capital and operational budget planning and spending.
  • Oversee long-range facilities planning work such as major extension and rehabilitation of campus properties and related systems.
  • Serve on college committees and teams, including the Space Advisory Group, Critical Incident Management Team, and the Environmental Issues Committee, and provide coordination for the Campus Planning Committee.
  • Provide leadership to facilities services and the physical plant (facilities maintenance for campus grounds, maintenance, and custodial services in all owned and leased campus buildings, properties, and residence halls).
  • Provide leadership to all building utility operations (heating and power plant), customer service, and campus relations, as well as the area’s financial and administrative services and human resources.
  • Oversee campus sustainability efforts, including energy conservation and management, campus recycling and the zero-waste program, and investing in sustainable chemicals and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Collaborate in developing emergency mitigation and action plans and actively participate in the Critical Incident Management Team and Emergency Response program.
  • Provide leadership to the Building Services department, including bio-and electrical waste management.
  • Provide leadership to the Environmental Health and Safety department team.
  • Direct and work with the staff to minimize its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts, and promote environmental stewardship. Create opportunities to put these actions to further the College’s educational, research and service missions. Lead and maintain the regular purchase of commodities for the College through annual/bi-annual bid processes.
  • Provide overall supervision for the College’s facilities and capital construction purchasing programs.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


A bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a record of progressively responsible management experience involving planning, operations, and maintenance in a campus setting (higher education preferred) are required. The successful candidate will have thorough knowledge of facilities design and construction, facilities maintenance and building renewal management, sustainable building design and operations, utilities operation and management, human resources management, organizational development and training, and financial management. Further, proven leadership skills with success in complex organizations; expert project management skills, such as those utilized in managing capital projects; experience with RFP/RFQ/RFI, Architectural Design Process, Bid Process, M/B/E W/B/E, and local purchasing are preferred; and knowledgeable about relevant laws (e.g., ADA) with a broad knowledge of principles of sustainability that may be applicable to campus operations are all required qualifications. The successful candidate will have excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills to interact effectively with a diverse range of people, build trust and consensus with college constituents, including faculty, staff, and students; experience with workforce development, local hiring, and training initiatives; and understanding of and appreciation for the growing importance and engagement of an Anchor Institution within an urban environment. The AVP will have the ability to establish metrics for department and employee goals that measure the effectiveness of contributions to efficiency and service; possess well-developed analytical, organizational, supervisory, reasoning, communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills; and have thorough knowledge and experience developing, executing and maintaining contracts with service providers.

Additionally, stakeholders at MICA identified the following characteristics and attributes when considering the position of executive director (in no particular order):

  • Possess a broad and deep understanding and knowledge base around construction management, construction scheduling/timelines, contracts, budgeting, and facilities services, especially those closely related to campus life and the student experience or similar environments.
  • An accessible, transparent, ethical leader with excellent communication skills to clearly articulate vision, direction, and purpose and earn the respect and confidence of the senior administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
  • A creative leader with an innate sense of curiosity and interest in continual learning and development.
  • Visionary, strategic thinker with a keen eye for how things interconnect at MICA and how shared campus spaces might be better utilized.
  • The ability to actively listen, ask knowledgeable questions, learn MICA and its culture and priorities, and accept input from all levels of the institutional community.
  • A systems or systematic mindset which includes a proactive approach to the job, the ability to take the initiative, identify areas that are lacking, and provide systematic solutions.
  • Strong assessment skills, with the ability to make data-driven decisions that are easily communicated, set expectations, devise and fully implement plans, analyze the results, and propose further systematic changes and updates based on these outcomes.
  • The ability to be proactive, see beyond the present-day and firmly understand how decisions may impact the institution long term.
  • A creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit, with the ability to be open-minded, determine needs, address issues, and manage change effectively.
  • A solid commitment to cultivating collaborative relationships and building partnerships across all institution levels and the surrounding community.
  • A seasoned professional ready to build upon MICA’s fantastic facilities and opportunities.
  • Serve as a true advocate and “face” for the entire department, positively representing their work and needs effectively to leadership and the campus community.
  • Credible, engaging, supportive, and approachable supervisor with knowledge of the responsibilities of each staff member’s position, respect for their work and contributions, and proficiency in empowering and advocating for the staff.
  • Maintenance and capital project experience, with an understanding of how to maintain facilities effectively once they are built.
  • Politically savvy, able to interact effectively with all levels of the institution and the Baltimore community.
  • Strong leadership, integrity, and organizational development abilities that inspire and develop others, promoting unity and teamwork throughout the department.
  • Genuinely enjoys working with students and helping enhance the students’ experience.
  • Prior experience successfully working within a union environment.


The AVP role has existed at MICA for approximately 15 years, with three individuals serving in this capacity. The previous AVP served in this role for five years before accepting a new role at another institution.


The new AVP must possess a broad and deep understanding of national best practices with regard to the latest facilities services trends and innovations, construction, change management, comprehensive collaboration, and strategic visioning on a vibrant college campus. The next AVP is positioned to have significant influence in shaping and enhancing the future direction of MICA as it updates its campus master plan aligning with the mission and values of the institution. This is a high-profile position with many stakeholders and broad responsibilities, and the opportunity for the new AVP to draw on the strategic plan to elevate current practices, systems, and functions of the department. The AVP should be an experienced and energetic leader capable of managing complex situations, unwaveringly committed to cooperation and partnering at the highest level, possessing a deep understanding of professional and transparent communication principles, and equipped to contribute at both a strategic and operational level at all times.

The following were identified as possible opportunities and challenges that will face the AVP:

The Staff

The next AVP will find an extraordinary staff and leadership team. They all know their jobs well and are committed to providing the best service possible to the students and the campus. The leadership team is also dedicated to helping the new AVP learn and be successful as they understand the nuances of the campus and the needs of the facilities. The staff is ready to do amazing things and looks forward to having an AVP that will empower and positively challenge them. The AVP should be willing to listen carefully to staff in an effort to understand their concerns, discern their strengths, fully comprehend their jobs, and empower and engage each appropriately.

The department is asked to do many things; this AVP must be flexible, exhibit the patience and perseverance to work through whatever might be requested, and have the fortitude to say no with an explanation if warranted. The team understands how their work contributes to the educational mission of MICA and takes pride in their work and facilities.

A challenge exists with many of the staff joining a newly created union. This will impact the recruitment and retention of many staff, including custodians, housekeepers, maintenance staff, and front-line service workers. It will be important for the AVP to understand this new union and find a way to work within it effectively.

The Facilities

MICA’s facilities are impressive, with more than 40,000 square feet of studio space, some with 24/7 access, boasting a wide range of specializations – lost-wax casting to interactive video and sound, wet-processing for film-based photography to advanced digital workstations, 3D imaging and software to a foundry, chisels, and metalworking equipment. These studios are housed in various buildings, including new construction for MICA and repurposed facilities such as factories and a train station. There are numerous moving parts all of the time, and new requests are regularly received. This will require a highly knowledgeable AVP who is up for the incredible challenge of supporting the creative imagination of MICA’s students, faculty, and staff.

Due to COVID and the resulting budget constraints, the department is behind on some projects slated for a few facilities. The budgets will improve as the department recovers from COVID, but the AVP should expect to do more with less for a few years. In addition, with so many facilities ranging in age, the AVP should have solid experience with historic buildings, deferred maintenance, and clearly setting priorities.

This AVP should bring a vision for collective spaces and help MICA fully understand and implement a shared office space plan capitalizing on the now-hybrid nature of some of the workforce. In addition, the AVP will play a critical role in MICA’s master plan and must be a forward-thinking leader with not just ideas but strong follow-through. This position will impact the MICA culture.

The Institution

MICA is a fantastic place to work. This is evident in the longevity of the leadership team within the department. MICA represents limitless potential and opportunities for this AVP.

The campus employs a very relational and collaborative approach to its work, and the new AVP will find a supportive group of partners and stakeholders excited to innovate and create positive change in order to improve MICA and the student experience. It is expected that the AVP will be involved in the community and seek new ways to engage with all stakeholders.

The AVP should bring a sense of camaraderie and collegiality to the position, serving as a “connector” and “face” of facilities management. Working with other leaders across the institution, the AVP should provide positive energy and direction for the department while also making data-driven decisions that are in the best interest of MICA and the students.

Institution & Location


Alexa Kim – Vice President for Operations and Technology

Kim brings more than 27 years of progressive leadership experience in information technology, customer experience and organizational change. Prior to MICA, she served as a vice president at the University of Maryland University College and as an executive director at the George Washington University.

Her roles have focused on large programs and initiatives that significantly progress the technology foundations and customer experience of large and complex institutions focused on growth. Her career has spanned the rapid development of technology infrastructure, services, and innovation in educational delivery. An unwavering belief in the transformative and empowering force of education inspires her daily. Her leadership responsibilities include building and creating high-performing teams and managing large and varied units of both IT and business services and operations. She initiates key strategic and operational improvements, modernizing organizational structure and growing staff capabilities to greatly enhance service delivery.

Facilities Management Office

Facilities Management Positions


Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) is the oldest continuously degree-granting college of art and design in the nation. The college focuses on cultivating a new generation of artists capable of seamlessly integrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative citizenship with contemporary approaches to art, design, and media. Located in Baltimore, MICA is proud of its community connections and contributions to the local creative economy. As a leader in art education, MICA has produced nationally and internationally recognized professional artists, designers, and educators who work across the country and around the globe.

MICA Mission, Vision, and Tenets
MICA Core Values
MICA Strategic Plan


MICA envisions a better world for everyone in which art and design thinking, creations, and interventions bring voice and equitable opportunities to groups affected by disparities; advance environmental, economic, and social sustainability; and enhance individual lives.


Total Enrollment: 1,892
Undergraduate: 1,331
Graduate: 561
Male: 27%
Female: 73%
White: 30%
African American: 10%
Asian: 12%
Hispanic: 11%
Two or More Races: 7%
Race Unknown: 3%
Non-Resident: 27%


Samuel Hoi – President

An experienced and innovative higher education leader and an advocate for art and design education, President Hoi is committed to the belief that creative professionals are the drivers of social, economic, and cultural advancement.

Hoi’s multifaceted background includes membership (retired status) in the New York Bar, a Juris Doctorate degree from Columbia Law School, a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, where he graduated summa cum laude, and an A.A.S. degree in illustration from Parsons. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and holds honorary doctorate degrees from the Corcoran College of Art and Design and Otis College of Art and Design. In addition, he was decorated in 2006 by the French government as an Officer of the Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

“It is both timely and critically important for MICA to articulate how creatives take active roles and yield exceptional power as change agents for the common good.” –Samuel Hoi

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