The Position


Eastern Michigan University (EMU) seeks an experienced, organized, and collaborative Title IX Coordinator and Director, Sexual Misconduct Prevention/Response (Director”). Reporting to the Chief Diversity Officer, the Director will develop initiatives, deliver education and training, and coordinate awareness of sexual misconduct prevention, resources, and response efforts across the University. The Director will oversee and coordinate investigations (which will be carried out primarily by designated Title IX investigators) of complaints received and will conduct investigations as needed. The Director will also be responsible for monitoring the campus climate through surveys, focus groups, and other assessment efforts to identify improvement opportunities and ensure that the University has adequate grievance procedures for resolving complaints under Title IX. The Director will also consult with relevant policy-making bodies to identify necessary actions to (1) eliminate sexual misconduct and sex- and/or gender-based discrimination in all educational programs and activities and (2) ensure that access to facilities, opportunities, and resources is gender equitable throughout all University campuses.

Other principal duties and responsibilities as outlined in the institution position description include:

  • Monitoring University policy and all other aspects of the University’s Title IX obligations.
  • Staying abreast of current trends in Title IX and regulatory changes.
  • Ensuring that the University has adequate grievance procedures for resolving complaints under Title IX, including notification, investigation, and disposition of complaints.
  • Conducting, overseeing, and coordinating Title IX investigations and, as assigned, other investigations.
  • Consulting with relevant policy-making bodies to identify necessary actions to (1) eliminate sexual misconduct and sex- and/or gender-based discrimination in all educational programs and activities and (2) ensure that access to facilities, opportunities, and resources is gender equitable throughout all University campuses.
  • Developing, implementing, and coordinating campus-based strategic efforts for students, faculty, and staff aimed at the prevention of sexual violence and other forms of sex- and/or gender-based discrimination, in collaboration with other University offices (including the Chief Diversity Officer and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programming).
  • Developing, implementing, and coordinating assessment strategies, including, but not limited to, a campus climate survey, educational program evaluations, and campus training outcomes, and making continuous improvement in collaboration with other University offices as appropriate.
  • Reviewing assessment data pertaining to training and investigations to assess effectiveness of campus efforts to prevent sexual misconduct and recommend changes, as appropriate, to senior administrators.
  • Developing and maintaining communication strategies (web, print, media) related to prevention efforts, reporting procedures, and support services. Maintaining confidential data and records of training, complaints, investigations, and findings related to Title IX issues.
  • Providing educational materials, programming, and training for the campus community.
  • Obtaining training on changing regulations and guidance for Title IX and local/state/federal sex discrimination regulations.


Bachelor’s degree in appropriate specialization is required. A master’s degree or law degree is highly preferred. Five (5) years of relevant experience is required. Significant and progressively responsible experience demonstrating a clear understanding of Title IX and related compliance issues is required.
Other requirements include demonstrated experience in conducting investigations and interpreting policy; ability to work in a culturally diverse environment and interact with culturally diverse individuals at all levels of the organization; evidence of excellent written/oral communication and human relations/interpersonal skills; and demonstrated ability to work discreetly with sensitive information. Prior work experience in higher education is preferred.

In addition to the stated qualifications, institutional stakeholders indicated that the following personal characteristics and experience would be sought in candidates to ensure their opportunity for success:

  • Excellent change management skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Tech savvy and has experience with student conduct/Title IX platforms
  • Leads through influence
  • Content expert in Title IX
  • Collaborator
  • Appreciation for and support of diverse student populations
  • Passionate about Title IX work
  • Develops their team and promotes staff professional growth
  • Visionary
  • Strategic thinker
  • Exceptional conflict resolution skills
  • Strength in data analysis and informed decision-making
  • Creditable leader
  • Displays emotional intelligence
  • Leadership savvy
  • Creative problem solver
  • Ability to balance multiple and competing priorities
  • Advocate for students, faculty, and staff
  • Bridge builder
  • Zest for learning
  • Compassionate


Anika Awai-Williams currently holds the Title IX Coordinator position as the contracted Interim Coordinator. Awai-Williams had been at the institution for four years before leaving to work in consulting. EMU renamed the position over the summer to become the Title IX Coordinator and Director, Sexual Misconduct Prevention/Response, as they renamed the area to support greater clarity to students regarding the function of the office.


Title IX expertise. The Director must possess a broad and deep understanding of national best practices concerning Title IX policy, practice, implementation, advocacy, and reporting requirements. The director should be a leader capable of managing crises and complex situations, unwaveringly committed to the well-being and support of students, faculty, and staff, and equipped to contribute at both a strategic and operational level at the institution. They should be able to write and evaluate policy from a legal perspective.

Leadership. The Director will need political and organizational savvy and the demonstrated ability to lead through influence and strong partnerships. The director will be courageous in advancing new ideas, thinking outside the box, and addressing policy and compliance challenges with agility, knowledge, and innovation. They will be expected to lead by balancing compliance and compassion in processes and practice.

Changing the culture of response. The new Director will have the opportunity to help change the reputation of the office and campus culture around response, compliance, prevention, and education. They can reshape communication and marketing about Title IX to students, faculty, staff, and parents, giving clear information about processes and the value of the office.

Exceptional communication skills. The Director must possess strong written and public speaking skills. They should have experience translating policy and legal concepts into understandable ideas and practices.

Strategic planning. The Director must demonstrate a leadership style that is credible and collegial while being highly effective. The director is expected to develop practices and goals that enhance Title IX reporting with efficiency, improved policies, and increased marketing.

Collaboration with all stakeholders. The Director will forge significant partnerships with EMU units through thought leadership, teamwork, and community support. They will be a bridge builder for Title IX reporting and compliance areas.

Services for survivors. The Director will need to work with appropriate offices on campus to identify the best services for survivors and advocate for trauma-informed practices.

Balancing the visionary and operational aspects of the position. The Director will be able to create a strong vision for the area’s practice and priorities while also having a keen understanding of operational challenges and opportunities.

Staff management and development. The Director will need experience supervising, training, and supporting staff. They must possess management experience to lead complex practices and policies effectively.

Trust and confidence of the campus community. The Director will be charged with relationship-building with students, faculty, staff, institutional leadership, and other stakeholders.


At an appropriate interval after joining EMU, the following will initially define success for the Director:

  • The Director has demonstrated that they are a valuable thought leader, joining institutional leaders in advancing Title IX practices and priorities on behalf of the institution.
  • The Director has completed a baseline assessment to develop a strategic plan and goals for the office.
  • The office has increased marketing to the campus community and enhanced communication and awareness about the services provided.
  • The Director has introduced programs and initiatives to address student, faculty, and staff concerns around Title IX reporting.
  • The Director has established significant relationships with faculty, campus leadership, students, and community members and has seen greater utilization of services and practices provided by the office.
  • The Director has cultivated an atmosphere conducive to rethinking policy and practice around Title IX on campus and within the office.

Institution & Location


Eastern Michigan University is committed to providing a learning, living, and working environment free from discrimination. Any gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct, which includes but is not limited to rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, relationship violence, and sexual exploitation committed by EMU students, staff, or faculty, will not be tolerated. This applies to academic, education, athletic, residential, and other University operated programs.

Mission and Values

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Anika Awai-Williams – Interim Title IX Coordinator

Anika Awai-Williams has devoted her professional career to preventing sexual misconduct in education and responding to concerns about possible sexual misconduct. As the interim coordinator, Anika oversees the University’s drafting and adoption of its new Title IX policy and grievance procedures in compliance with the U.S. Department of Education’s 2020 Title IX regulations. Anika also directs the University’s response to all reports of possible sex discrimination and is responsible for monitoring outcomes, identifying and addressing patterns of concerning conduct, implementing supportive measures, and assessing the campus climate. Her work as Title IX coordinator also includes leading the campus’s prevention and education efforts; Anika has trained and educated thousands of students, faculty, and staff about the University’s policy and grievance process, support options, and mandatory reporting requirements.


Eastern Michigan University is among the most diverse public universities in Michigan, with a strategic focus on equity and inclusion in its core mission. Founded in 1849, EMU is the second oldest public university in Michigan. It serves more than 15,000 students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, specialist, doctoral, and certificate degrees in the arts, sciences, and professions. In all, more than 300 majors, minors, and concentrations are delivered through the University’s Colleges of Arts and Sciences; Business; Education; Engineering and Technology; Health and Human Services; and its graduate school. In 2021, EMU was ranked by U.S. News and World Report in the category of social mobility. The ranking reflects EMU’s core value of being a welcoming institution of opportunity.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Strategic Plan

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence Statements



Headcount: 13,527

Student Credit Hours: 160,297


  • Male: 5,345
  • Female: 8,227


  • White: 8,293
  • Black/African-American: 2,298
  • Hispanic/Latino: 975
  • Nonresident Alien: 218
  • Other/Unknown: 1,778

Other Characteristics

  • Full-Time: 9,630
  • Part-Time: 3,942
  • Average Age: 23
  • First-Year Retention Rate for Fall 2017 Cohort: 71.8%


Headcount: 2,752

Student Credit Hours: 19,230


  • Male: 909
  • Female: 1,843


  • White: 1,808
  • Black/African-American: 334
  • Hispanic/Latino: 192
  • Nonresident Alien: 146
  • Other/Unknown: 272

Other Characteristics

  • Full-Time: 897
  • Part-Time: 1,855
  • Average Age: 32


Dr. James M. Smith, Ph.D. – President

Beginning his presidency at Eastern Michigan University, Dr. James Smith has actively pursued several strategic initiatives, including adding new academic programs in high-demand areas, launching a Commission on Diversity and Inclusion to drive diversity and equity initiatives on campus, and investing in campus infrastructure to ensure a bright future for EMU’s students and employees.

“Eastern’s foundation as an institution of opportunity is more important than ever. We are a place where first-generation students, people from urban and rural communities, and all races, cultures, backgrounds, and identities are embraced and motivated to success.” – James M. Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Doris Fields, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and Professor of Communication

Dr. Doris Fields was named interim chief diversity officer in February 2022. Professor Fields recently served as the EMU’s Assistant Vice President of Academic Programs and Initiatives and is a tenured professor in the School of Communication, Media, and Theatre Arts. Her areas of specialization include interracial and interethnic communication and intercultural communication. The chief diversity officer’s responsibilities include, among other tasks, developing and implementing the University’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan in alignment with the University’s strategic plan and leading the Office of Diversity and Community Involvement.

“I began my academic journey at EMU as a freshman in 1986,” said Interim Chief Diversity Officer Doris Fields. “Since then, I have been a graduate student, part-time instructor, faculty member, and administrator at EMU. To continue my work as the Interim Chief Diversity Officer is an honor. I look forward to serving in this capacity and developing policy recommendations to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion across the campus community.”

Benefits Overview

Eastern Michigan University offers a variety of competitive health plan options, going beyond the basics by providing an on-campus recreation center, wellness programs, generous retirement contributions, on-site daycare, and other benefits that support employee well-being and satisfaction. For a complete look at the benefits offered at EMU, see here.

Application & Nomination

Review of applications will begin November 10, 2022, and continue until the position is filled. To apply for this position please click on the Apply button, complete the brief application process, and upload your resume and position-specific cover letter. Nominations for this position may be emailed to Laura Puckett-Boler at  Applicants needing reasonable accommodation to participate in the application process should contact Spelman Johnson at 413-529-2895 or email

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 Eastern Michigan University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic, or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ancestry, disability, military status, veteran status, or other non-merit reasons, in employment, and complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action.

 EMU provides a collaborative, welcoming, and supportive culture where differing ideas, behaviors and backgrounds contribute to the educational experience that includes a global and multicultural perspective enhancing the individual, society, and the world.