Baker College seeks a transformative leader to serve as their vice president for marketing and communications. Reporting directly to the chief operating officer, the vice president will be a visionary leader and strategist highly skilled in brand building, marketing, communications, and public relations. The vice president will oversee all aspects of creative services, including digital marketing, website, social media management, news, traditional media, public relations, communications, print publications, photography, and videography. This position is responsible for building a team and designing impactful strategies to reinvent and bolster the brand while leveraging multiple channels and emerging technologies to reach a broad audience. In addition, the new executive will provide leadership in public media relations, reshape digital and social media advertising, and deliver engaging and energizing internal and external content that tells a compelling story about Baker College. The vice president will be a dynamic leader and actively engaged member of the Marketing and Communications team and function as this team’s strategist, implementer, and administrator. Overseeing a professional staff of three, the vice president will provide management oversight of the marketing budget to ensure alignment with performance and goals. These goals, which are designed, developed, and implemented by the vice president, utilize a data-centric framework that is also used to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Additional responsibilities include the following.

  • Through various methods and partnerships with executive leaders, develop strategies that invigorate Baker College’s brand, drive growth, and align messaging that resonates with constituents.
  • Inclusive of marketing and brand strategy, develop differentiators that articulate Baker College’s value proposition.
  • Develop and maintain the College’s brand and communication guidelines.
  • Select and manage external vendors to support branding, marketing, and communication activities to improve performance and return on investment.
  • Oversee and govern all internal and external communications that engage and inform prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Provide management oversight of the marketing budget to ensure alignment with performance and goals.
  • Build a team to support branding, marketing, communications, and public relations strategies.

The Position


The successful candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field or discipline and have a minimum of seven years of progressive experience, preferably within higher education or an agency. The ability to build relationships and partnerships internally and externally, as well as significant strategic and visionary leadership experience in branding, marketing, communications, and public relations, are all necessary qualifications for the vice president.

In addition to the stated qualifications and characteristics, Baker College stakeholders identified the following attributes as essential characteristics of the ideal candidate.

  • An energetic and creative professional who is a leader and driver of both innovation and collaboration
  • A strategic thinker who can develop both short- and long-term plans around the needs of the College, formulate strategic, assessment, and operational plans, and then effectively implement those plans
  • Credible, supportive, and approachable supervisor with knowledge of the responsibilities of each staff member’s position, respect for their work and contributions, and proficiency at advocating for the programs, services, and needs of staff
  • Demonstrated strong project management skills and the ability to simultaneously manage multiple, complex projects
  • A compassionate, accessible, transparent, ethical leader with excellent communication skills to articulate vision, direction, and purpose and earn the respect and confidence of the faculty and staff through a strong level of emotional intelligence, leadership, and authenticity
  • An excellent and transparent communicator with solid public relations skills and the ability to reach all levels of the College, including students, alumni, and staff
  • A creative professional who can build an environment that supports risk-taking while maintaining the highest standards for compliance and ethical behavior
  • Ability to take responsibility for the annual marketing plan and strategy with a continual assessment to ensure success
  • Proven record of successful brand management and marketing, with demonstrated experience assessing and elevating brands, developing digital marketing and communications strategies, and leveraging social media
  • A solid proponent of the use of data in all decision-making
  • Strong ability to build external relationships with vendors to enhance marketing and communications strategies
  • Genuine desire to try new services and approaches to most effectively meet the needs of the Baker College System
  • A technically savvy professional with an understanding and appreciation for technology and its uses in effective marketing campaigns
  • Demonstrated goal-setting skills with the ability to empower the marketing and communications staff in achieving those goals
  • A team-building approach that fosters a positive relationship among the entire staff; the capacity to hold staff accountable and celebrate accomplishments and positive contributions equally


This is a newly created position. The Marketing and Communications team is excited to welcome this new executive to the Baker College System, and they look forward to working, creating, and learning from this professional. This vice president has the opportunity to work with the team to revolutionize all marketing and communication efforts for Baker College.


Institutional stakeholders shared that in transitioning to Baker College, the vice president will encounter the opportunities, priorities, and challenges listed below.

  • The new vice president will find a tremendous room for growth, the ability to truly make a difference with all marketing and comMEAmunication efforts at Baker College, and a team ready and willing to make positive changes.
  • Executive leadership is very supportive of new approaches to marketing and communications strategies.
  • The Marketing and Communications team is talented and dedicated while well-resourced both financially and technically.
  • The Institution is not averse to change or large-scale initiatives, especially if these are backed by data demonstrating the positive results.
  • The new vice president must take the time to learn and embrace the culture of Baker and the nuances of the different campuses and academic programs.
  • The new vice president will develop a solid and collaborative relationship with key institutional leaders, as well as an understanding of executive leadership’s vision and priorities for Baker College.
  • The new vice president will establish meaningful relationships within the Baker College communities and establish trust with a wide variety of stakeholders.
  • The new vice president will build a creative and high-functioning team with the Marketing and Communications staff through mentoring, team building, professional development, and assessment of the staffing infrastructure.
  • The new vice president will manage both short- and long-term strategic planning and capacity building, including assessing all programs and services.
  • The new vice president will partner with the chief operating officer to connect the current strategic plan, mission, and vision to an ambitious, data-informed marketing and communications strategy.
  • The new vice president will work with the executive leadership of Baker College to define and shape who they are as an Institution and where they want to be in 5, 10, and 20 years.


At an appropriate interval after joining Baker College, the following outcomes will initially define success for the new vice president of marketing and communications.

  • The vice president has acclimated and embraced the culture of Baker College and is involved and engaged with all the campuses.
  • Robust and positive working relationships with strategic partners and key campus stakeholders have been established; the vice president is viewed as a valued colleague.
  • The vice president has established meaningful relationships with the staff team based on trust and respect.
  • The new vice president has taken ownership of all project management pieces, including priorities and timelines, allowing the staff to work on more of the creative facets of their positions.
  • The vice president has effectively worked with Marketing and Communications to develop a clear direction and plan for the department based on a solid understanding of the College and its strengths.
  • The vice president has reviewed organizational strengths and weaknesses and has demonstrated managing short-term change and long-term planning for the department.
  • The enrollment numbers and leads have increased for all campuses within the system.
  • The team’s morale is high as people feel heard and respected for their input, expertise, and contributions.
  • The vice president has worked to increase the number of staff in the department.

Institution & Location


Jacqueline Spicer – Chief Operating Officer

Jacqui Spicer, elected Chief Operating Officer in 2016, has a proven history of working in both the manufacturing and higher education industry. Skilled in strategic planning, operations management, information technology, finance, branding and identity, international business, operational excellence, and team building, Spicer actively works to push the University’s mission forward.


Baker College is one of Michigan’s largest private, non-profit institutions. Founded in 1911, the College operates five campus locations across the state (Cadillac, Jackson, Muskegon, Owosso, and Royal Oak). Baker College offers undergraduate and graduate majors in health science, business, information technology & engineering, social science, and education. The College also provides a wide range of regionally accredited, 100 percent online degree programs through the BakerOnline and OnlineLive learning platforms.

Baker College provides an inclusive, innovative, and transformative educational experience which enables students to positively impact their lives and the world around them. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach, the College seeks to understand each student’s unique goals and circumstances. Baker College empowers students through flexible learning options and one-on-one support while striving to reduce financial barriers to earning a college degree.



  • To provide quality higher education and training that enable graduates to succeed throughout challenging and rewarding careers
  • To prepare students for competency in Business, Health, Human Services, and Technical careers in today’s global economy
  • To provide general education, which expands students’ horizons, develops vital communication skills, and encourages critical thinking
  • To provide students with practical experience and training in a chosen field of study
  • To encourage social and classroom-related activities that promote personal and professional growth
  • To enhance students’ success through continuous assessment and improvement of teaching, learning, and institutional effectiveness
  • To assist graduates in securing employment and improving career opportunities throughout their careers
  • To encourage graduates to continue their education and to lead effectively through service in a world without boundaries
  • To offer graduate programs that provide students with advanced study, research, scholarly activity, and opportunities for professional development


  • Quality Academic Programs
  • Disciplined Fiscal Management
  • Adapt and Change
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accessible
  • Services Excellence
  • Strong Image
  • Accountable for Mission, Values, and Public Trust
  • High Work Ethic
  • Team Oriented
  • Community-Based


Bart Daig – President

Daig has been with Baker College for nearly 25 years. He joined the admissions office at the Flint campus in 1990, advancing to assistant director. In 1995, he was promoted to Baker College Online/Center for Graduate Studies. He served in multiple positions of increasing responsibility: director of admissions, director and vice president of operations, vice president for academics, and, since 2011, CEO.


Baker College encourages and welcomes diversity, recognizing it as a critical competitive advantage. Success reflects our employees’ quality by creating a supportive environment that allows everyone to perform to their potential and achieve success. The value of different backgrounds and perspectives should not be overlooked. Having a diverse workforce assists us in looking at all situations from a variety of angles and coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. Embracing and understanding each team member’s background and perspective can allow us to progress more quickly than competitors.

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 It is the policy of Baker College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and conditions related to pregnancy), national origin, citizenship, age, disability, weight, height, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or transgender status, misdemeanor arrest record (not resulting in conviction), or any other status protected by law in any employment decision or in providing and administering educational programs, services, or activities.


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