SJG’s 2014 Summer Reading List


Greetings from SJG – The Spelman & Johnson Group!

With the long days of summer ahead, it is time to consider grabbing a favorite cool beverage and a good book to nurture body and soul. In the spirit of the season, we thought we would share a few publications on our favorite topic of higher education that have proved especially insightful. Perhaps you will want to tuck a volume or two into your bag before heading off for a well-deserved summer retreat!

SJG’s suggested Summer 2014 Reading List includes:

Presidencies Derailed: Why University Presidents Fail and How to Prevent It
Authors:  Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, Gerald B. Kauvar, and E. Grady Bogue
Publisher:  Johns Hopkins University Press – July 2013

During 2009 and 2010 alone, 50 college and university leaders resigned, retired early, or were forced out. The authors of Presidencies Derailed set out to determine whether a pattern existed. The authors provide a thoroughly researched account of career incidents that led to the downfall of leaders in private institutions, public universities, and community colleges.

Higher Education Accreditation: How It’s Changing, Why It Must
Author:  Paul L. Gaston
Publisher:  Stylus Publishing – December 2013

This book addresses this question head-on, asking whether accreditation is indeed in need of radical reform, and the agencies’ authority should be curtailed; or whether in fact, as accrediting agencies maintain, ensuring rigorous and consistent standards and degrees are a reliable gauge of student attainment.

Search Committees: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Faculty, Staff, and Administrative Searches
Author:  Christopher D. Lee
Publisher:  Stylus Publishing – June 2014

Finding the right candidate for administrative, professional, and faculty positions is one of the most important tasks that any institution or enterprise undertakes. However, few higher education professionals receive training on the search committee process, but are expected to serve on, or lead, committees. This book provides advice, training, and a step-by-step guide for conducting a rigorous, thorough search.

We hope you enjoy these selections – they are available online and through your local independent bookseller or public library.

Have a terrific summer!

Margaret Holes