Useful Social Media Resources for Higher Education Professionals

We discover and share an incredible amount of insightful articles and resources through our professional and social media networks.  Since the use of social media is still fairly new in the higher education community – from both a professional and pedagogical standpoint – we thought we’d round up some of the most useful articles we’ve come across regarding social media for higher education professionals.  We focus on social media as it applies to higher education institutions, careers and professional development.

Basics and Guidelines

1. “Creating Your Web Presence: a Primer for Academics” by Prof. Hacker

An basic introduction to social media tools for faculty and administrators, covering Google profiles, social networks, and RSS.

2. “Student Affairs Practitioners and Twitter” by Eric Stoller

A short and sweet overview of how and why student affairs professionals should use Twitter.

3. “Online Social Networking on Campus” by Scott Jaschik

A useful Q&A about social networking on campus as a student affairs professional.

4. Social Media, Student Affairs and Influence” by Eric Stoller

Higher Ed social media expert Eric Stoller explains the top 4 tenets to building trust and gaining influence on social media.

5. “Social Media Guidelines – My Top Picks” by Eric Stoller

Looking for some basic guidelines to using social media?  Eric Stoller shares his top picks – many of which come from universities.

6. “Here, There and Everywhere” by T.J. Logan, Liz Gross, Rey Junco and Stacy Oliver

An excellent and comprehensive guide to using social media as a campus leader – from marketing and conferences, to professional development and collaborating with students.


1. “What did I do now: Email Etiquette in Higher Ed” by Rob Jenkins

Rob Jenkins shares a witty take on the basic principles of email etiquette.

2. “Social Media Policy Resource Guide for Higher Ed” by Mike Petroff

Many departments and institutions struggle with formulating an effective social media policy.  Here Mike Petrof shares some basic guidelines, plus examples from other institutions.

3. Slideshow Primer on Social Media Etiquette by Radian6

A comprehensive slideshow on minding your manners on the social web.


Social Media Strategy

1. “Integrating Social Media into a Community College Marketing Strategy” by Kyle Schwarm

Well-written article on how community colleges can (and should) start using social media for branding purposes.

2. “A Student Affairs Social Media Plan” by Ed Cabellon

A great, step-by-step post on developing a solid social media plan.

3. “How to Use Blogging as a Marketing Tool” by Russell S. Powell

A helpful beginner’s guide to starting and maintaining a professional academic blog.

Institutional Trends

1. “College Presidents and their Use of Technology” from The Digital Revolution and Higher Education report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project

This section of Pew’s comprehensive report includes results from a survey of college presidents on how and how many of them use social media.

2. “The Tech Savvy Presidency” by Lucy Apthorp Leske

An insightful article about making technology a priority as an institutional leader.

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